Choosing a Website Designer for Your Contractor Website

finding a website designer contractors

When looking for a website design company to build your contractor website, there are many factors to consider.  Not only is a website an important investment up front, it is also tied to the long-term growth of your construction business.  Here are some tips and points to consider when finding a website design company:

1) Do they support companies of your size?   You will know it when you see it…many contractors reach out to web design companies that have Fortune 500 companies as clients.  The astronomical estimates you receive will be a clear indication…

2) Do they understand your business?  Do they specialize in small businesses?  Better yet, do thy focus on contractors and construction professionals?  If their portfolio is filled with websites from banks, pet shops or salons, what do they know about contractors? Think about looking for a website design company with experience in developing websites for Painters, Heating and Cooling, Electrical Contractors, etc.

3) Do they understand SEO (search engine optimization)?  Will your website be search engine friendly?  Do they offer on-going SEO programs?  If it does not come up at all…RUN!!!  AND RUN FAST!  For “most” contractors, a website is intended to generate leads and attract new customers.  There are many website designers out there that can design a website to look nice and pretty…but does nothing for their business.  Heck, even a college student can slap together a decent looking website…but there is proper code, techniques and advanced methodologies that make the website effective.  Consider your business for example, I’m sure most homeowners could remodel their bathroom…but how good of a job will most DIY-ers do on the tile work?  How long until the new sink leaks?  How soon before they call a plumber to  come figure out why moisture is seeping into the floorboards from the toilet?  Same goes for website design and SEO.

As you can see, there are some things to consider when getting ready to hire a web design company…the success of a contracting business is impacted by their web presence in our new digital world.  Don’t hire your website company based on a cheap deal, because they’re in your neighborhood or because a friend is trying to develop a portfolio…look for a web designer that understands your business and knows how to contribute to the growth of your future.