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Contractor Leads

Are you looking to generate contractor leads to grow your construction business?  Are you sick and tired of signing up for various lead generation services for junky leads to share with your competitors?

Well we have the secret ingredient to success! Forget Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Porch, Yelp and the others. Start generating leads of YOUR OWN today!  One of the downfalls with these type of lead providers is that they send the same leads to you and your competitors.  ContractorWeb generates leads for YOUR business. There are 3 main components for a successful online marketing strategy for a contractor business.  With proper implementation, this strategy can start generating leads immediately and help grow your contractor business.

Contractor Leads

SEO Optimized Contractor Website

Step 1: SEO Optimized Contractor WebsiteThe very first step is to ensure that you have a SEO-Optimized Contractor Website.  The keyword here is “SEO-Optimized”.  Many construction companies have websites that look pretty good, but in fact were not built with the search engines in mind.  Some of these websites may have been built in house, with DIY website builders or by an amateur web designer.  There are many intricate details of a website that must be implemented correctly in order for it to rank well within the search engines.

Organic SEO for Contractors

Step 2: SEO for ContractorsOnce you have your website up and running, you then need to promote it.  Although an optimized website will be picked up by the search engines, the fact is that so will all of your competitors.  Why should your website rank over theirs?  With the right Organic SEO techniques and tactics, your website’s rank will increase over time and make its way to page one of Google.  Such tactics include fresh content on your website, directory management, social media, local search, and blogging (just to name a few).

Pay Per Click for Contractors

Step 3: Pay per click for contractorsPay Per Click advertising is the perfect solution to generate contractor leads fast.  PPC can make the phone ring instantaneously with the proper website, landing page, ads, keywords and budget.  Because the organic SEO efforts take time to build, having a solid contractor pay-per-click campaign in place can help generate new business in the short-term.  In the beginning, it may make sense to invest heavy in this area and then tune in down a notch as the organic SEO builds.  One of the attractive benefits of PPC is that you can turn it on and off or adjust your budget up or down based on your business activity and capacity to take on new projects.  This can serve as both a short-term strategy to boost your business in the beginning and be utilized to fill in new projects in the longer term.  Most of our customers have very good results with PPC and tell us that “the ads pay for themselves”…while also generating a decent profit and building a new customer base.  The primary PPC providers are Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

Contractor Leads – All to Yourself

Generate Contractor LeadsThe three components of this web marketing strategy for contractors will ensure that your business has a boost in the short-term while also paving the way for long-term success.  These days, contractors can no longer rely on the yellow pages and traditional means of advertising to generate new business.  The majority of customers turn to Google to find a contractor when they have the need for professional service.  Those construction companies with a solid online marketing strategy are those that not only survive but also thrive.

The best part of our strategy is that we are generating leads for your construction business to keep all to yourself.  The lead is not passed to several other contractors to bid on ending with a “lowest bidder wins the job” scenario. Certainly, not every lead will be golden and some prospects will be shopping around, but these are leads coming directly to your business and not through a third party lead generation service.

Contractor Leads - Web Marketing

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