Do-It-Yourself Contractor Website vs. Professional Contractor Website Design

create your own contractor website

So you need a new website for your Construction business…and there are several options to consider…

  • Should I learn website design myself?
  • Should I let my brother’s-cousin’s-friend’s-son who is in college do it?
  • Should I have my assistant use one of those “Easy to Use Website Builders”?
  • What about those templates where you fill in your company information?
  • Or, should I just hire a professional website design company to do it for me?

Our advice?  Well, when we need an electrical service upgrade done – we hire an Electrical Contractor with licensed electricians.  When we need an office addition – we hire a General Contractor.  Could we do some of it ourselves?  Maybe… Could we have our graphics designer’s brother’s-sister’s-husband’s-cousin do it?  Sure, if we want to wait six months…

Oh – so back to our advice: Hire a Professional Website Company that specializes in Contractor Websites such as  Here are a few reasons why…

  • Will it ever get done if you wait for that one person that has been promising it?
  • In the long run, who will update it if you need changes?
  • Are you confident that person you know understands the intricacies of website design and search engine optimization?
  • Uh oh, Mozilla FireFox just came out with a browser upgrade…and Apple just released a new iPad…and now the website is broken…who will fix it?

OK, so let’s say you can get past all of the reasons listed above, here are some technical considerations:

  • Every word, image, and piece of information must be properly coded in order to be search-engine friendly
  • Proper website coding is also important to ensure that the there are no web crawl errors and that the website is displayed correctly on all internet browsers and mobile devices
  • The internet world is constantly changing which means there is required maintenance that must occur in the background of your website to ensure it functions properly
  • There are numerous technical nuisances that must be managed to ensure the website is Google-friendly such as redirects to avoid duplicate content for different URLs

Although there are many website tools and services out there that make it easy for non-website designers to build websites, the issues above typically are not properly managed by these tools – leading to an ineffective website.  In addition, these tools also have bland designs, duplicate templates (so your competitor’s website could match yours), and much of the design is restricted for how customers would like the website to function and display.

So if you’re building a website for personal use such as an upcoming wedding or supporting a hobby, then these alternative methods are just fine.  But when it comes to business, our recommendation is to let the professionals do what they do.