Flashy websites not good for business – FLASH, JavaScript

flash websites on iphone ipads

Does your website contain fancy flashing and animation?  If so, you could be losing out on a very large audience from reaching your website!

Many contractors have websites that were built using a programming language known as FLASH.  In the past, this was popular as the website could be presented in a more aesthetically pleasing way.  However, these websites are bad for three primary reasons:

  1. they are not mobile friendly and not compatible with Apple products such as iPads, iPhones, and iPods.  This means your website may not be accessible at all or will display with many errors.
  2. they are NOT search engine friendly!  Search engines do  not correctly parse the code’s structure for FLASH.  Most of the content in these languages is blocked.  These websites also lack proper site architecture causing linking URL issues for the search engines.  This also applies to JavaScript as well.
  3. they do not conform today’s standards and expectations of customers.  Sure, when the Internet was new these types of websites were “cool”.  But today, customers expect professional, fast-loading websites with critical business information to serves their need for visiting the website.

So if your website was built in FLASH or JavaScript, consider having a professional website designer rebuild it for you.  It may look fancy, but you’re missing potential opportunities.

After all, one of the primary goals of a Contractor Website is to generate new construction leads, right?