Importance of Accurate Local Listings for Contractors

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Accurate, consistent and updated business information is critical for any local business that wants to succeed online. Contractors are no exception to this rule.  Online listings, also referred to as business citations, come in many shapes and forms for a local business.  The most important include:

  • local listings service for contractorsLocal Directories
  • Social Media Sites
  • Consumer Review Sites
  • Search Engine Business Pages

Online sites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Google My Business, and City Search are just a few of the many important listings that must contain accurate information.  The primary elements of a business citation consist of Company Name, Address, Phone, and Website.  It is absolutely critical that this information is exactly consistent across all online listings.  Your business citation is complimented by additional information such as hours of operation, payment methods accepted, photos and much more.

Why Are Business Listings Important for Contractors?

  • Builds trust with Google and the other search engines
  • Directly increases your website rank
  • Ranks your local listings above competitors
  • Provides prospects with accurate information
  • Builds authority of your brand
  • Increases your reach to more prospective customers
  • Locks down your profile to your business
  • Protects your business from competitors damaging your reputation

Having inconsistent information, out of date information or missing information can be harmful to your business.  Bad information will provide inaccurate information to prospective customers, such as a bad phone number, leading them to believe that you are no longer in business.  Aside from a bad customer experience, there is also a negative impact to your website rank, your listings rankings and online trust of a legitimate business.  Duplicate listings will also confuse Google and will re-rank your company on the web.

Listing Management & Maintenance

contractor listing updatesList management is not a one-time endeavor.  Nor is it an easy or quick process to conquer on your own.  Your business listing is driven from various public data sources and data aggregators online that you do not have direct control over.  These data publishers produce the information online and it is not always consistent.  In some cases it\’s difficult to contact the data provider to have it updated and in some cases you have to jump through hoops and verify that you are the business owner.  ContractorWeb offers professional business listing management services for contractors that are able to bypass the difficulties in this process.  We can eliminate most of the verification procedures, reduce hours of manual labor, clean up your business listings, eliminate duplicates and protect your online business information.

Scan My Contractor Business Listings Now for Free

ContractorWeb specializes in business listing management for contractors to ensure that your information appears accurately and consistently across the web.  We\’ll ensure that your business is listed correctly in the most important local directories, search engines, and social sites.  We\’ll eliminate duplicates, create new listings and correct bad information.  Try our free listing scan tool now to see where your business stands!

Clean Up Your Contractor Business Listings

ContractorWeb partners with the most influential and popular search engines, maps, apps and local directories across the internet. With this direct connection to the publishers in our powerful network, you can instantly correct ALL your business listings wherever they appear.

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