Link building tips for your Contractor Website

link building for contractors construction

So I need more inbound links to my website, eh?  
I just don’t know where to start…don’t they have Search Engine Companies that do this for you?
(Not familiar with link building and the importance it has on your website?  Read this article first: Why links are important for your Contractor Website)

Yes, building links is a critical component to promoting your Contractor Website!
Yes, there are companies such as, that specialize in promoting your website, which includes link building on a larger scale.
But YOU, as the owner or marketer of your Construction Business, has the power to generate the most powerful inbound links to your Contractor Website!Websites that are of Relevance, Quality and are Trusted are the most beneficial websites to link to your website.

Here are a few websites that you should consider having inbound links to your contractor website by updating your profile or asking the website administrator to update it for you.

Associations, Affiliations, Memberships:

  • BlueBook Construction Network
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Contractor Associations
  • etc…

Industry Relationships:

  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Suppliers
  • Dealers
  • Manufacturers
  • etc…