Starting a New Contractor or Construction Business

start up contractor business planning

When it comes to opening up a brand new contracting business, there are many things to consider.  One of those items should be “How to find new customers for my contractor business?”  OK, so a marketing strategy or advertising / promotions plan may be necessary.  Some of those tactics may include yellow page advertising for contractors, business cards, flyers, word of mouth initiatives, local ads, social media, contractor Facebook page, and the most important of all:  Contractor Website!

That’s right, when it comes to construction marketing, your website is likely the most important driver to new leads.  We all know that the Yellow Pages have been becoming less effective over time.  Most people “just Google it”.  In fact, a study by Google claims that 97% of consumers search for new products and services online.

But if there are so many other tasks to complete to start a new contractor business, can the website just wait?  Well, the earlier you begin your planning with a website designer, the better. offers a FREE, no-obligation web consultation to contractors looking to start a new construction company.  It’s never too late to have a website built for your company, but it is very helpful to begin early.

Once a website goes up, there is no magic button that tells Google your website exists or that it should rank higher than your new competitors websites who have been on the web for 15 years…It takes time to build a credible reputation on the web and climb the search engine ranks.  By beginning your website development with a professional website designer early on, the pay offs can be big.

With our free website consultation, we’d be happy to discuss a plan with you over the phone, whether you decide to choose as your web designer or not – we are here to help.  Some of the website planning topics discussed may include:

  • domain name selection
  • website hosting options
  • website maintenance & updates
  • geographic targeting
  • competitive analysis
  • search engine optimization plan
  • content gathering & preparation
  • answer YOUR questions and more…

At, not only do we employ professional website designers, we also understand YOUR business.

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