Tips to Optimize Your Google Places Page

If you’re a contractor then it’s almost certain that you target local customers.  And having an optimized google places should be a critical component of your internet marketing strategy.  There are many tips and secrets for ranking higher in Google Places.  But good SEO must be done strategically, timely, and with caution.

Here is one of our tips for ranking your Contractor Business higher in Google Places that you can directly impact:


That’s right, those contractors with customer reviews have a better chance of getting on page one of Google Places if they have a high number of customer reviews.  Encourage your customers to review their recent experience with your company!  Not only does this help with your Google ranking, but also drives a higher click through rate leading to increased bids and eventually service!

Oh yes, about the cautious part I mentioned….remember, Google is smart!  Be careful if the thought of going home and writing up a bunch of customer reviews yourself would solve the problem….Google has many safeguards in place to trigger alerts of false reviews.   So please, think twice before trying this.

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