What is Google Places for Local Contractors

What is Google Places?

Google offers a service to customers who target local customers.  This is an excellent opportunity for contractor businesses to target local customers.  I like to refer to Google Places as the New-Age Yellow Pages…but more affordable with enhanced options.

A Google Places page allows contractors to advertise and market their business to local customers similar to the yellow pages.  Contractors can list company details such as their business name, address and contact details in addition to key marketing information such as services offered, photos, coupons, geography served and more.

Below is an example Google search for contractor services in a specific local area.  Note:  this was a \”regular Google search\” but the local component of the search automatically displays the Google local results to the user in addition to the regular search results.


There are many strategies and tips to optimize a Google Places page for contractors.  Working these three components together in a timely and strategic manner can really bring success to your local contracting business.  It\’s not just about getting a Google places pages out there….it\’s about optimizing the Google Places page in conjunction with other marketing efforts.

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