Why links are important for your Contractor Website

contractor website links

Has anyone ever told you to add links to your contractor website to generate traffic?  Well, they were right.  Inbound links (when an external website links to your website) is a very important element leading to better rankings in search engines such as Google.

Why are links so important piece of Search Engine Optimization?  Search engines look at links like a “vote” to your website.  The more votes, the better the website must be…seems logical.  So is it that simple?  The website with the most links win?  No…of course not.
Here are two main components of a link that search engines look at:
1)    Link Popularity
2)    Link Relevance

Link Popularity: the “number” of inbound links to your website
Link Relevance: the subject “similarity” of the inbound links to your website

For example:
SITE A:  Sparky Electric has 15 inbound links to his website.  10 from Deer Hunting blog websites, 4 from Used car websites, and 1 from facebook.
SITE B: ABC Electric has 3 inbound links to his website.  1 from a local contractor directory, 1 from the construction network, and 1 from a wholesale distributor.

Who wins?  SITE B!  So remember, consider the Relevance of your link efforts, not just Quantity…